Popcorn Machine: Just add Fun

VIDEO: Make a Popcorn Machine from a Recycled Can

Your birthday celebration is not complete without the traditional popping of popcorn. To add more fun to your child’s birthday celebration, party or home cinema then you would be needing our very unique two in one popcorn machine that pops out your popcorn in a couple of seconds and also keeps it warm. This popcorn machine also allows you to add your own flavor when the popcorn pops out. Popcorn is a snack that is produced by the explosion of heated maize or kernels. This unique snacks can be served with cold ice cream, drinks etc.

Popcorn maker also is known by various names such as popcorn popper, stove top poppers, the detonator, sweet and easy, Whirley pop, and theater 11. These popcorn machines are made in a way that comprises of a pot and a stirring blade that is operated by a mechanism of crank turning. This popcorn machine also allows its users to pop out sweetened popcorn. This can easily be done by directly mixing sugar and sweetening or milk with the kernels just before the popcorn starts popping.

Our unique popcorn machine can be used or found in movie theaters, carnivals or when you are organizing Your Own home theater or party. This machine can come in different sizes and formats such as small, medium and large-scale popcorn machine.

The Making of popcorn

Making of popcorn through kernels of heated maize require you to only have an electric generation device, a cup of kernel or maize depending on the quantity of popcorn you wish to make and the number of visitors you would be expecting. Finally, any flavoring of your choice such as sugar, milk, and a color flavor which should be added only when the kernels have popped.

Follow These 9 Steps in Popcorn Making

Making of popcorn form kernel can be very easy and fast. The machine comes with fully integrated accessories that allow you to make your popcorn without breaking a sweat.

The process of making the popcorn with this very versatile machine involves:

1. Make sure the machine is dry and clean
2. Measure out the ideal quantity of your kernel
3. Pour the kernel into your popcorn machine
4. Do not add any water or flavoring inside the machine
5. Switch on the electric or gas burner
6. Switch on the machine
7. Place near the machine outlet a bowl
8. Look out for when the kernel start piping out
9. Add your required flavoring to give it your ideal taste. Sweetening like melted butter, milk, garlic Herb, salt etc.

Go for your home make popcorn machine which comes with an inbuilt electric heated tray and a powered armed and a serving bowl which also serves as a cover in a dome-shaped form.

Visit us for all to get your cheap popcorn machine hire for all your events, party, family gatherings, engagement, your corporate functions, children birthday celebration. Our highly competent, professional and friendly team can help you set it up and give you high-quality satisfaction.


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Soft serve ice cream

Soft serve machine is a 4 -quart soft ice cream maker machine that is used to produce enough ice cream for any party program. The Soft serve cream machine is a special type of ice cream or frozen desserts that can come in the form of sorbet, yogurt or custard. This ice cream is not yet frozen hard but dispenses by adding air or overrun to the soft ice cream machine mixer.

The Soft serve cream machine is a special type of ice cream or frozen desserts that can come in the form of sorbet, yogurt or custard that is not yet frozen hard but dispense by adding air or overrun to the soft ice cream machine mixer. The soft ice cream machine is a kind of ice cream maker that churned out soft ice cream as a result of the introduction of air into the machine. Soft serve ice cream mixer machine serves a mixture of vanilla and chocolate.

Modality of soft serve ice cream machine

This soft serve ice cream machine churned out vanilla and chocolate at a temperature of around -4 0C, unlike the normal ice cream that is stored at -150C. Soft serve composes of 3% milk and 6% fat when compared to the normal ice cream is made up of 10% milk and 18% fat. The soft serve contains some air called overrun that is introduced into the machine at the point of freezing. The ideal air content that can be introduced into the machine is a determinant of the ingredients and the ones with lesser air is heavier and yellowish in comparison to products with higher and lighter air, tastes creamier and also smoother. The optimal air content is 33% to 45% volume of air. Anything more than this air volume may make the product become tasteless and shrink. Soft serve ice cream should be quickly frozen to avoid crystallization.
Form of soft serve ice cream pre-mixer

Pre-mixer can come in the following form:
Liquid mixer:
Fresh liquid ice cream needs constant refrigeration up until when it is needed else it will be contaminated by bacteria and losing quality.

Powdered mixer:
The powdered mixer is advantageous in distribution and easy in storage. The powdered mixer also has an advantage of being stored for a long period of time and should be refrigerated prior to use at 3 degrees Celsius.

Ultraheat treated mix:
Ultraheat treated mixer is used for a sealed and sterilized bags. These ones can last for a long period of time without refrigeration. Prior to use, it should be refrigerated at a 3 degree Celsius to avoid contamination by bacteria and loss of taste.
Soft serve ice cream comes in different sizes so as to suit your various party types. For a smaller party or celebration, the modest countertop machines can BFF e used so as to allow for refill occasionally. While for a larger party or buffet, the large freestanding machine can be used in order to maintain a high dispensing of the soft ice cream.

Important features
Soft serve ice cream comes with some unique features such as:
Gravity feed:
This soft serve ice cream machine requires constantly reloading of the liquid ice cream mix into the machine hopper manually
Pressurized machines:
This one uses pumps in supplying the freezing cylinder with the liquid ice cream mix.

For your new trendy party hire of your soft serve ice cream mixer machines for your parties & events ranging from family gatherings, engagement party, children’s birthdays of all sizes, corporate functions, school fetes and lot more. Our very friendly and professional team of experts can assist with all your trendy soft serve machine needs to get in touch today! For any occasion, we are always there to give you a very reliable soft serve ice cream machine to keep your guests happy


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Party in a new way

When it comes to having a party, people plan to make the best out of it because what makes a party interesting whether big or small is food and drinks. When people plan for a party, they plan to get the best food and drinks they can buy in order to satisfy their guests. To do this, hosts go to great lengths to get caterers and become stressed out from worrying about how to get the right food or drinks.

The advent of technology seems to be touching all areas of life including helping you cater for your guest with acceptable meals. Nowadays, there are several types of equipment that can help you make fast meals and drinks. These machines have become a trend when it comes to planning parties, whether it is food, games or photos, these machines has made parties livelier. The interesting thing is that many don’t have to buy them to get the best party of your dream, it can be easily rented from any outlet that provides this kind of service, and believe me, they are numerous!

Business ventures such as restaurants and catering companies now understand that the partying has gone beyond attendants and servers, sometimes, people want to partake in making the party fun all by themselves; this is why there are machines of such nature for hire.

Some of the machine for hire includes:

Popcorn Machine: popcorn is one of the foods that make a party lively, it is easy to make and can be made in large quantity to satisfy a large crowd, this is why people prefer to include it in their menu when planning a party.

Slurpee Machine: if you are confused about what drink or provide for your guest for your party, a Slurpee machine is a right choice for you, Slurpee never goes wrong in a party.

Cocktail Machine: a cocktail machine saves you the stress of carrying cans and bottles all about in your party; it is a matured drink that will definitely satisfy your adult guest.

Photo Booth: a photo booth will definitely add fun to your next party; it gives your guest the opportunity to make wonderful.

Games: games have always been the best way to light up a party; it entertains your guests and saves you from having a boring party. There are several games you can make available for your guests to play, these include Chess, connect 4 as well as Scrabble, and there is always a game for everyone; both adults and children.

These machines are a time-saving and interesting to make a party memorable. So when you are worried and stressed about how to plan a good party, think about these alternatives. The fact that it has become a new trend will even make your guests enjoy it more!

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