We are now taking enrolments. If you would like to secure a place for your child please print the Enrolment Form attached below and send it to:

The Director
C9 Doncaster Shopping Center
Cobbs Road
Doncaster VIC 2259

If you have any questions regarding the centre, please call:
(02) 4353 1111 and talk to Sue.

Looking forward to meeting you!



Positions on the waiting list and subsequent enrolment in the centre are in accordance with “priority of Access” guidelines set out by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services. Positions are generally organized in November each year for the following years room groups. Positions are established at other times during the year, subject to availability.

No minimum number of days are required, however it is necessary for children to attend the centre on the same days each week. This is to help establish a rapport between children, staff and families. It is considered two days of enrolment is more desirable than one, as children become more familiar with us when their visits are frequent and consistent.