Our Philosophy

At Kids Kontact Tuggerah we are committed, in partnership with families, to the care and overall development of each child through our programs, procedures and policies. We believe that each child should be given the opportunity to make meaningful decisions and choices at each individual’s age/stage of development in all of the domains of child development (social/emotional/physical/cognitive/language).
We will achieve this by providing educational and developmentally appropriate experiences based on the areas of early maths, early literacy, science and creative and aesthetic arts throughout their day in an environment of unconditional acceptance.

Our Centre Goals are to:

1. Provide an empathic, stable and secure environment that supports the development of positive self esteem and sense of self worth.

2. Further support the emotional needs of children by encouraging interactions within the centre.

3. Implement a consistent, supportive and age appropriate behaviour management policy and procedure throughout the centre.

4. Ensure all staff have and continue to develop a sound knowledge and skill base and encourage staff to build stable and lasting relationships within the centre.

5. Expect and maintain high standards of care and nutrition.

6. Maintain individual child records linked to developmentally appropriate programs that extend the thinking and learning while providing opportunities for each child to make meaningful decisions and choices to enhance and extend their development in a supportive environment.

7. The centre is a part of a supportive community that provides a referral and outreach for families Respect the diversity of children, their families and caregivers.